Weddings are always memorable, and Shoreditch Studios weddings are no exception. When you combine the creativity of two people in love and the incredible backdrop of this East London venue, it's easy to see why so many couples choose it for their special day. The bride decided to add a personal touch to her nuptials, which were held at Shoreditch Studios, by wearing blue; this colour is particularly special for the couple as it's their favourite, and they named their little boy "Blue" in its honour.

Read on to discover how this modern bride made her vision come to life at Shoreditch Studios.

Preparing For HerWedding With A Little Help From Friends And Family in South-East London

When I arrived and met with Camille at her home in South East London, many of her closest friends and family were around to help her get ready. She had a fantastic bridal squad of dress fitters and hair and makeup experts - any bride's dream! While I was there, I was able to capture some candid, natural portraits of the bride herself as well as photographs of her chosen dress, accessories, and perfume. The bridesmaids could select their own dresses provided they stuck to two colours; blue or orange - which complement each other perfectly. The men and children were all dressed in matching pocket ties designed by the Groom's sister Abi at Ivy Bespoke

Transforming An Empty Shoreditch Photography Studio Into A Flowery, Champagne-Filled Dreamland

Located in East London, Shoreditch Studios is a great place to get married. The venue also doubles up as a photography studio, so for any wedding photographer, this is a perfect place to shoot. Shoreditch Studios is a dry-hire venue, so it is ideal for creative couples like Camille and Ben, along with the help of their clever friends who decorated the place incredibly. From the floral wedding archway, the bridal bouquets, the champagne tower, and the individually calligraphed name cards and numbers created by the bride's sister. You can check out more of her work on Instagram @misscastlecalligraphy.

The ceremony

The ceremony was held in the stunning Shoreditch Studios, which made for a perfect backdrop to the nuptials. Camille looked like something from a fairy tale in her beautiful blue dress, which contrasted beautifully against her bouquet of orange, white and blue flowers. At the same time, Ben the Groom donned a dapper suit with a matching boutonniere. The officiant was a friend who conducted the ceremony in front of a large floral aisle. The bride and Groom exchanged heartfelt vows, promising to love and cherish one another for the rest of their lives. After being pronounced husband and wife, they walked down the aisle to cheers and applause from their guests. These cheers quickly turned into awws, and coo's as their little boy followed them in his fisher price toddler car, adorning a sign saying "Just Married". It indeed was magical.

Creative group shots in Shoreditch

After the ceremony, we gathered all the guests outside to welcome the new couple as husband and wife. As Camille and Ben waited outside, myself and the groomsmen dispersed the blue & white confetti between the guests.  I asked everyone to take large handfuls and to throw the confetti up high. I love the paper confetti, as it captures much better in the sun. There are many suppliers for bio-degradable confetti; one supplier I always recommend is They have an incredible array of colours and are lovely to work with, use the discount code "YCHANNAHB" for 15% off.

After the confetti shot, we arranged to do the group shots. This ended up being one of my favourite parts of the day. Outside the studio, you have some great graffiti walls that are part of the landscape of Shoreditch. These walls create a great dynamic backdrop and introduce lots of colour and fun. We had lots of fun creating group photos, which sometimes can be tedious as most guests want to get to the food and drinks. However, Camille and Ben's friends showed us how it was done and honestly had fun having what I can only say was a "Group Photo-Off" (note to self maybe change this with a better word).

Alone together

It's not always easy to grab a moment on your wedding day as a couple, but I would always encourage it. This can be an excellent time to reflect as a couple and find a small moment of serenity on a hectic day. We found a short couple of minutes before sunset to take a moment for these shots of Camille and Ben together.

Evening Wedding Party in Shoreditch studios

If you're looking for an evening wedding party venue in Shoreditch with an edge, look no further than the Shoreditch Studios. This converted warehouse is the perfect blank canvas for you to put your own spin on and make it truly unique.

It only took a short time for the party to get into full swing. The drinks flowed with special requests from the bride to create an Espresso martini for all the guests. The bride changed into a 1950's style flapper dress, making it easier for her to dance to her heart's content.

They had a photo booth next to the dance floor so guests could capture their favourite moments from the party. The couple also hired a DJ who played classic 90's music. When it comes to the dance floor, you often find me in the middle with my camera dancing like it was "1999" (any Prince lovers?). This is the best vantage point to be with the guests and capture them. It was a night to remember for sure!

A little about Hannah Bain, London Wedding Photographer

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