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Since you have made it this far, why not drop me an email to check my availability for your Big Day?

I would love to hear about your wedding plans! You can get in touch by filling out this contact form or give me a call or message on 07919520323. I always do my best to respond to every email within 24hrs, so if you have not heard back please check your junk or email me at hannahbainphotography@gmail.com


The whole wedding day is about you, and I am merely there to help you feel as much at ease as you can. Even though I will be taking your pictures, feel free to ask me to do any jobs like getting water, find out where the bridesmaid dresses are, etc. Before the day we will coordinate the day's events and figure out the pictures that you really want to get like a group shot, and how many posed or non posed photos you want. Leave it to me to coordinate on the day so you can just soak up the atmosphere and enjoy.

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